Veveří Castle

The Lion and the Eagle / Exhibition

A new permanent exhibition called The Lion and the Eagle – Moravian Luxembourgs and their Castle was opened in July 2016 at Veveří Castle. Created for the National Heritage Institute with Michal Konečný as its curator.

Woman of Three Centuries

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach / Exhibition

On 4th July 2016 a new pernament exhibition called Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach – Woman of Three Centuries (1830–1916–2016) was opened at the Lysice chateau.

Vietnamese restaurant Brno

Gỗ Brno / Interior

After three years of discussion and 6 months of work we have finished the vietnamese restaurant Gỗ in Brno.

café and wine-bar Brno

Café Pilát / Interior and graphics

Café and wine-bar Pilát was opened on Kapucínské Square in Brno in June 2015.

Children's café

Humpty Dumpty Café / Interior

A new children's café opened on Jaselská 16 in Brno. The interior was inspired by the classical children's rhyme about Humpty Dumpty.

Café Morgal, Governor's Palace, Moravian Gallery in Brno

Café/Bar Morgal / Interior

Café Morgal was designed in cooperation with the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Bistro Franz and the artist Vendula Chalánková. It was inspired by baroque frescoes uncovered during the reconstruction.

Exhibition at Pernstejn Castle

Long Journey Towards Beauty / Exhibition Design

An exhibition titled Long Journey Towards Beauty was held at Perštejn Castle from July to September 2014. It was designed for the National Heritage Institute's project The Year of the Lords of Kunštát.

Kšírovka Golf

Kšírovka / Golf centre interior

A new city golf centre opens in Brno next week and it's called Kšírovka. I've been working on this project with the investor Pavel Zeman and the communication agency Aetna for the past few months. Our shared goal is to introduce the sport to anyone who's interested in it. No club exclusivity here.

Selský baroko / Book / Brno / 2013

Selský baroko / book

I have designed a new cover of Jiří Hájíček's novel Rustic Baroque for HOST Publishers. The cover photo was taken by Jeffrey Ross in my family's garden shed.

Train to Weimar

Vlak do Výmaru / book

HOST Publishers have launched a new book I designed: The Train to Weimar by Ladislava Chateau. The book describes the situation in occupied France during WWII, especially in the literary circles.

Na Hradě a v podhradí

Na Hradě a v podhradí / book

A new book for HOST Publishers: interviews with prominent figures of Czech public life by Jiří Kubík. The subheading of the book is Czechia on a Journey from Havel to Zeman. On the cover I used illustrations of hand gestures associated with the two very different Czech presidents. Somethimes gestures speak louder than words.

Café Atlas

Café Atlas / interior

The name of Café Atlas was inspired by its wide range of home-made local products, which will be recorded in the café's own gastronomic "herbarium". The interior revolves around a 13 m wide wallpaper composed of hundreds of illustrations from travelogues and atlases. The table-top glass cases display artefacts from travels and museums. Together with a curator we are currently preparing a "table gallery" showcasing especially created art by the artists of Brno.

Leporelo+ / Café + Design-shop + Restaurant

Leporelo+ / Café + Design-shop + Restaurant

This project in the Brno House of Arts is the result of a collaboration with Nicol Gale. Set up as a platform for creativity and playfulness, Leporelo was inspired by children's fold-out books. We translated this classic object into a spatial installation. All elements of the interior's design are meant to seem thin and light, as if paper was just folded.

Bistro Franz

Bistro Franz / Interior and graphic design

Bistro Franz was named as a tribute to architect Franz Pawlu, author of this building, Tivoli Square and other art-nouveau architecture of Brno. The original interior had not survived, so we chose to - almost archeologically - uncover the original plastering as a remembrance of 1905. The interior colour scheme is inspired by the building's façade. Our goal was to create a cosy family restaurant where guests would feel at home.

Café ART / Interiér a grafický design / Brno

Café ART / interior and graphic design

Café Art adjoins the ART Club Cinema. The original Jugendkino building from 1919 inspired our new interior, dominated by the pattern we titled Poirot. It was designed by the talented Ms. Romana Zubalová (Republika). The interior is set in as a gem and reminds us of Art Deco, Orient bars, palm trees in interiors, marble, decorative glass, opals and geometric ornaments.

Café Alfa / Interior and graphic design / Brno

Café Alfa / Interior and graphic design

Café Alfa is located in the functionalist Passage Alfa by architect Bohuslav Fuchs. Our interior reflects the building's famous era of the 1930's and develops parts of a previous re-design by architects Tomáš Rusín and Ivan Wahla of RAW Atelier. The graphics interpret various meanings of the letter Alpha from antiquity: cattle, Moon and atom of helium.

Café Tungsram / Interior and graphic design / Brno

Café Tungsram / Interior and graphic design

Café Tungsram is my first architectural realisation in the Czech Republic. Also for the first time I designed the interior, furniture and graphic design within one project. The name of this café and its interior were inspired by the investor's collection of 1930's cinema-projector lightbulbs from the Hungarian firm Tungsram and strips of 16 mm film. Atmosphere of the famous café era of 1930's Brno is supported by custom made furniture and original floor tiles discovered during the reconstruction.